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Getting the most from your digital agency

It’s time to turn the spotlight onto you, yes you – the fantastic businesses that we get to work with. If you’re pressed for time, budget and expertise then working with a digital agency can be the solution; but getting the most from your agency?

Here’s the Digital Marketing Team’s insights into how you can get more from us.


Meet your new recruit

It’s the first day for your new employee – so what’s your onboarding process?

Whatever it is – do the same with your agency.

When a new client joins us we have two clear goals. Get motivated and get learning.

It’s our job to quickly learn everything we can about not just your marketing, but everything we can about your business. How do you communicate? What do you love and hate? What’s your business plan? Who answers your phones?

Learning everything we can about what makes your business tick helps us to be more creative, solve your problems and achieve more effective marketing.

Here’s how you can help….

Take us on a tour. Give us samples. Let us meet everyone. Take as much time as you can muster to fill us in on every intricacy. It helps to solve problems before they’ve even arisen and makes for a much better working relationship.


Critical Communication

Chances are you hired a digital agency due to time pressure. Although we can help to share your load, being busy shouldn’t mean communications suffer. As an agency we’ll often need details from granular specifics like passwords and credit cards, to top level strategic direction.

If we don’t have these then we can’t operate effectively. Not responding to calls or emails means the deadlines that are set get missed, which all adds up to waiting longer before you start to see digital success.

Here’s how you can help….

We know you’re busy. When you start with an agency let your account manager know the best time of day to make contact with you. Recommending a second point of contact if we can’t reach you is useful too. Minor questions can cause major hold-ups, but having someone else on hand in case you’re unavailable works wonders.


Great Expectations

Although agencies can help, support and ultimately drive your long term success no digital agency should ever promise you the world with what they do. Discrepancies between what’s been achieved and what ‘should’ be achieved often arise because of false expectations.

Here’s how you can help….

Two fun acronyms can ultimately set everyone’s expectations.

KPI’s – if you tell us what you want to achieve we can show you how to measure it (and give you an idea of how achieveable your ideas are). Setting KPI’s give us more focus as to what you want to achieve and a clear indication that digital efforts are working.

SLA – ah, the Service Level Agreement. It shouldn’t feel like a legally binding tome of terms and conditions, but it can give you a clear breakdown for business and agency alike as to what you can expect with any service. How should we report to you? How many hours each month should be completed?

Get both set up as soon as you can.


Trying to summarise everything that help you to get more out the like’s of us is hard to distil into 3 salient points is a hard task. There’s plenty more we could add – but it’s over to you. Ideas, thoughts and opinions are well received. Just add them in the comments below or tweet us @unwrittenteam