By most estimates there are 1 billion posts on the internet about useful Marketing tools. As this is the 1 billionth and one I thought I would celebrate by only including tools which are actually useful rather than a list of everything I can find on Google. So here are 5 Content Marketing tools we frequently use when creating content for our clients:


Answer the Public


Answer the Public is a tool for finding questions which people search for in Google. For example if you typed in “content marketing tools” one of the results could be “what content marketing tools are useful?”. Using Answer the Public you can discover what questions your potential audience are asking which is really useful for creating informational content. It pulls out phrases containing words like “what”, “where”, “how”, “why” etc. which you can then copy to your clipboard and paste into…

Google AdWords Keyword Tool


An all time SEO classic. If you’re not testing your keywords’ search volumes in GAKT (as nobody calls it) then you might as well not bother.


Hemingway Editor


If Hemingway was alive today you would probably cross the street to avoid him. He was a sexist, obsessed with hunting and macho to the point of caricature. His prose was legendary however – simple, direct, and unadorned – it conveyed his meaning with not one extraneous word. Paste your content into this tool and it will suggest ways to make it more concise and to-the-point, ideal for our short modern attention spans.

The Readability Test Tool


The Readability Test Tool tells you how easy your copy is to read. Just paste in your blog post and it will tell you what reading age it is suitable for – I reviewed the text in his post and it said that it should be easily understood by 15 to 16 year olds (presumably ones who have basic understanding of Content Marketing).




Tweets with images get on average 35% more retweets as well as a higher click through rate. Pablo is a tool from Buffer which lets you put text over an image which you can then share on social media sites. You might even have clicked on a link to this post which was accompanied by an image from Pablo.

If we’ve missed any useful Content Marketing tools please let us know on Twitter.

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