One of the biggest problems that clients face when trying to write content is coming up with the ideas for the content itself. The problem is when you know your business inside out; you know it so well that it often becomes hard to look at the business from a completely new perspective, restricting your ability to constantly innovate.

So how exactly do you come up with new ideas for content?


  1. Run a Brainstorm

This one is great if you are finding yourself in a “creative rut” when it comes to your business. Get some man-power behind you – gather up your staff, colleagues, friends, or even family members, and lock yourself and everyone in a room with a rather large flip chart. Even though you might owe some people a few beers, you can guarantee that having “a fresh pair of eyes” on your business will create so many ideas you won’t know where to begin!


  1. Google’s Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools)

Shortly after the world of Digital Marketing suffered the horror of Google removing keyword information from Google Analytics a few years ago, Google very kindly decided to give us a further surprise in the form of something called “Search Analytics”. Luckily for us, this time it was a nice surprise. Hidden away in Search Console, this area provides a list of keywords that your website is showing for in Google, as well as whether or not your website had click-through’s for that keyword. Take the time to delve into this list as there will be a bunch of keywords that would make really good pieces of content.

You can find out more about Search console here:


  1. Your Website’s Search Bar

Ever wondered what your customers are looking for on your website? Now you can find out. An option in Google Analytics enables you to track exactly what you customers are typing into the search bar on your website. By looking at these keywords you can identify what information is missing on your website and create content to fill in those gaps. The likelihood is if one customer is asking the question, a lot more are thinking it.

There’s a breakdown of how to set this up here:


  1. Use Google Wildcards

This blew my mind the first time I heard about this. So whenever you go onto Google, you will notice that as you start typing something into the search bar it will “suggest” something to you. So now add in a (*) in place of where you would normally write a keyword. Notice how Google then throws some different options at you that other people are searching for? Have a play with this and pick some content ideas that you think would work best for you.


  1. Listen to Your Customers

Whether it’s questions your customers are asking, or comments they are making, listen to what they are saying and use this information to generate ideas for content that will guide them. For example, I recently attended a meeting with a luxury kitchen and bathroom suppliers that mentioned their customers often asked about the different practicalities of the materials used – this gave us the idea for our first article. They then mentioned that their customers would often comment that they love their products but they wouldn’t “fit in with their type of house”, but found out the company worked with a whole variety of different properties – this gave us an idea for our second article (e.g. Top 5 Designer Bathrooms for Farmhouses). Easy right?

Once you have all these ideas make sure you add them to one central place as bits of paper are easy to lose (I know as I am a pro at this). I would recommend adding them to Excel, as having the ideas in this format will come in handy later when you are developing your content marketing plan.

If you have any questions then please feel free to email me at!

– Lisa


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