As someone who works for a Digital Marketing Agency I’m sometimes asked a the question “Does PPC work?”. Sometimes people want to know if PPC works for their industry or if it works for X objective but sometimes it’s literally as broad as does it (even) work at all? The short answer if yes, the slightly longer answer is:

Google is (part of) the biggest company in the world. It became the biggest company in the world by selling PPC Ads. About 68% of its revenue comes from AdWords advertising.

Nothing is ever that straight-forward but the basic idea is solid – companies around the world invest between a few quid and $13m a month on AdWords and they wouldn’t be doing that if they weren’t getting a suitable return on investment.

A good way to see if PPC might work for you is to investigate what your competitors are doing. Do they appear to be bidding on key terms? How many things are they showing up for? Depending on how tight budgets are people won’t generally run PPC Ads for long if they’re not providing measurable success. The fact that your competitors are getting results from AdWords doesn’t mean you will (and probably not straight away) but it does mean that it’s a viable marketing method.

Making PPC work is a different topic for a different day but yes, it works.

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