Facebook recently announced they would be changing Page Management and Posting options for Pages. Today, the update has been officially rolled out across the majority of Europe, but significantly, no functions have been removed or deleted- it’s just that most functions have been relocated or tweaked.

Anyway, here’s the full lowdown…

Managing a Page

The most significant and prominent change, is that now whenever you visit a Page that you manage, you will be kept logged in under your personal profile, whereas it used to be that you could switch accounts i.e. to different Pages. You used to do be able to do this by clicking the top right, drop-down menu and switching to whichever Page you wanted.

As you can see below, when I navigate to the Optix Solutions Page, I’m still logged in as Simon, as opposed to Optix Solutions.

However, under this new system, if I want to write a post, Facebook automatically assumes that I will want to post as Optix, which is a definite improvement.

facebook - Use Facebook As -b

Viewing Your Page’s News Feed

It used to be that when a Page manager wanted to check their Page’s News Feed, they could click ‘Home‘ and see Stories from Pages that had been Liked by that Page. But now, whenever you click ‘Home‘, you’re taken to your personal News Feed.

So, to view your Page’s News Feed, you need to click ‘See Pages Feed’ in the left-hand box, under your profile picture (as per the image below).

facebook - See Pages Feed -b

From here you can see all of the content that is served to your Page’s News Feed, as well as being able to see all of the Pages that are Liked by your Page.

facebook - Page's News Feed

Like Other Pages as Your Page

If you want to Like other Pages as your Page, visit the Page you’re interested in, then click the three dots at the bottom right of the cover photo and this will give you the option to Like that Page, as your Page.

facebook - Like Page As -b

When you click, ‘Like Page as your Page’, you will be shown a drop-down box and from here you can select the Page that you want to Like this Page as.

facebook - Like Page As Drop Down Menu -b

Post Comments or Like Content as your Page

The last significant effect of this update is how you Like and comment as a Page. To do this, you need to remember to select the drop-down menu attached to the profile image on any post, and choose which Page you’d like to comment or Like as.

facebook - Comment as your Page -b

When you’ve selected the Page you want to comment or Like as, you will see that your profile image has changed accordingly.

facebook - Comment as your Page 2 -b

Status Update

As you can see, all of the functionality that we’re used to is still here, we’re just going to have to get used to accessing it in a different way. It can be annoying when Facebook roll out these updates with little or no explanation, but what’s important to remember is that no functionality has been lost.

Anyway, the team at Unwritten are here to provide you with all of the important digital marketing news and developments. Stay tuned for more!


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