When Instagram’s CEO launches the platform’s “most exciting feature to date” (along with the announcement that the community now has 1 billion users) social media fans sit up and take notice.

The feature is IGTV.  Vertical videos of up to 60 minutes long are Instagram’s bet that extended dynamic content is the way forward – and that it’s time to compete with YouTube.

Quickly perusing the Popular tab reveals a slew of musicians, celebrities and Instagram personalities.  Their uploads appear to be longer, more professional versions of Stories.

A stand-alone app, IGTV is accessible on desktop, and also appears and works automatically within Instagram.

So why should your business investigate using IGTV?


1 – Grab the spotlight

IGTV has only been around for just over a week, so is not yet being widely used.  The content selection for anyone clicking on the IGTV icon in the Instagram app is limited.  Starting to use IGTV for business now means you’ll grab the lion’s share of your followers’ attention.

Grabbing the spotlight will also position your brand as an ‘early adopter’ – making the most of new features as soon as they’re available, which impresses tech-savvy demographics in particular.

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2 – Leverage

Though IGTV doesn’t yet show adverts, there are ample opportunities to nudge potential customers slightly further along the pipeline.  Along with any other content marketing your company is undertaking, IGTV will help your business gain credibility and trust.

As well as that, you can point viewers towards websites or further information platforms at many stages of IGTV including post descriptions and within-video text.


IGTV for business - it can help signpost potential customers towards your business


3 – Captive audience

Beginning to use IGTV for business isn’t as much effort as starting a new social media channel fresh with zero followers.  This is because the current automatic settings for IGTV include alerting your Instagram followers whenever you publish new content on IGTV.

It’s rare to have a ready-made captive audience to communicate with in an entirely new way, so make the most of it!


4 – Creativity

This might indeed be the platform for creators.  IGTV content wont be watched if it’s not captivating.  Though this might first appear to be a challenge, given that businesses have been conditioned over recent years to keep customer attention with short, snappy media, it’s also an opportunity.

If you’re going to use IGTV for business, the personality and charisma your business will have to display in order to be successful will help build customer attention.

It also works from the consumer’s point of view.  You know that if they’re tuning in to your business channel, your followers are actively choosing to tune into your long-form content.

As iProspect’s Kinzi Sparks wrote,

“When your customers are thoughtfully seeking and opting into a more in-depth viewing experience, there’s a stronger chance that your brand’s message will be received with welcome captivation.”


5 – Engagement

Similar to posts and Stories, IGTV content can be reacted to and commented upon.

It’s worth taking some time to engage with other people’s IGTV content, as well as publishing your own.  This will help you build relationships with other brands, or even potential customers and influencers.


At the very least, these reasons should encourage you to have a think about your marketing strategy and see where IGTV could fit in.  It might not turn out to be suitable for your business, but the potential brand gains at such an early stage are yet to be fully explored.



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