Does anyone else find these introductory posts astonishingly awkward?

My name’s Chris and I’m a self proclaimed millennial. Some of my interests include, technology, everything Apple, fashion, music and a rather embarrassing infatuation with the Kardashians (judge all you like – lord knows the rest of the team does). I was born in Birmingham, raised in the Lake District and currently reside in sunny Devon.

Marketing was never something I saw myself doing.  And up until five years ago, was a term I only associated with London-based bigwigs decked out in designer suits. My route into marketing all began when I relocated to Devon – so let’s start from the top.

After a summer of watching reruns of CSI, I somehow came to the conclusion that working as a forensic pathologist was the role for me. So I left Cumbria and started a forensic science course at Exeter college.

I soon realised that although interesting, the course and associated job roles (working in a lab) didn’t really suit my extroverted personality. I needed something a bit more social, so to keep me busy, I bagged myself a part time job working in hospitality. With the course proving to be a dead end for me, upon completion I decided against university and took a promotion at the hotel where I started managing the hotel’s busy restaurant.

The new role was a lot of responsibility for my eighteen year old self, and although stressful; it allowed me to grow massively, both personally and professionally. My communication skills improved, I learned how to effectively manage a team and speaking with customers became second nature: I was genuinely enjoying the role.

But after a while of working arduous hours and growing far too complacent, I realised it was time for me to leave. I got to talking with a talent manager that would come down for breakfast every morning. She told me about a new company that had just relocated to Devon. And after some research, a few hints and going through four formidable interviews, I got the job as a customer service executive; and within five months was promoted to team leader.

Down the line I started to realise that content, communication and getting a solid understanding of customers was where my strengths lay. So after arguing my case, I swiftly moved into the marketing team. And from that point forward, my passion for marketing really developed along with my intrigue for all things digital.

Looking to steam roll ahead,  I decided to save up and take the plunge by investing in Google’s accredited digital marketing course – Squared Online.

Today I stand with a renewed outlook of the world, analysing each and every word that those aforementioned bigwigs throw at me. I can now say that I’m truly happy in my role as Digital Marketing Manager at Optix Solutions; (in my slightly biased opinion) one of the best agencies in the South West. Where I get an excellent balance between talking to clients and delving into the technical stuff.

So all in all life’s pretty good. And if you’re wondering what you can expect from me, be on the lookout for my upcoming posts, including my views on content marketing and a full course review for Squared online.




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