To the digital marketers reading this. I know your pain.

I know how it feels when a project feels as though it will never come to an end. When you can’t even begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know what its like to try your best and still not see results but your boss demands more.

It sucks.

A little bit of your soul loses motivation.

Why carry on? What’s the point? How easy would it be to sell everything, emigrate and start over as a Norwegian shepherd?  Maybe just me on the last one.

The truth is that this happens to everyone at some point. But do not lose hope. You can rebuild and retain your motivation to return you back to the awesome digital marketer you know you are.

Here are 5 ways to go about it:

Make a move

If you need a short term shot of motivation the re-locate yourself to well, somewhere else. For a job which requires little more than a laptop, Wi-Fi and coffee it’s surprising the number of people who tether themselves to the exact same patch of office space day in, day out.

So, shake things up and move yourself. Take your things and go sit in a room, move office, sit outside, head to a coffee shop. Just change your environment to find somewhere which could be altogether more productive and pleasant.

Long term learning

Day to day, month to month. The same repetitive tasks can really chip away at your motivation. So head out for an outing. Pick a museum, a gallery, live music or a film festival and just head off.

An agency I know offers their staff ‘Curiosity Days’ intended for them to learn and explore such things so they can return refreshed with a bunch of new ideas.

Unsurprisingly, your boss may be reluctant for you to take time out of the office for ‘work’ but marketers need a weird creative, scientific multi-disciplinary skillset that you won’t find from just sitting behind a computer. So, head out and explore.

Gameify your work

Now this is for when you’re getting desperate, normally in the scenario when a spreadsheet just stares at you. Thousands of cells need entering. Think meta data writing or manually auditing links.

My solution? Make it into a game. Sad as it might seem, seeing how many you can complete in 10mins, 30mins or even an hour can make it competitive. Can you beat your previous record? How many more are there to go? Competing with yourself may seem mad but it works. Just remember to reward yourself for a job well done.

Look at stones, not mountains

Does the scale of a project seems so colossal that curling into a ball while watching children’s TV seems like a better solution? Do not give up before you’ve even started.

Break mammoth campaigns down into tasks, then sub-tasks all worked at little and often can make things much more achievable. When you feel like you’re making progress, even if it’s a little each day, can keep your motivation topped up until you hit your goal.

Get some DM friends

Friends who don’t know me too well think I fix computers. Those that know me better think I do something with Google.

That’s fine but when I need to talk, vent and rage about Google’s unfairness your frustrations fall on a mixture deaf ears and bemused facial expressions when you start talking Panda’s and Penguin’s.

Marketing events, conferences and training sessions all open up great networks of similar professionals all solving the same problems. These people can sympathise with your HTTPS rankings drop, or nod knowingly when you try to explain about the hardships of getting buy-in from senior management. And it’s all done in an atmosphere far less stuffy than your regular corporate networking breakfast sessions.

Locally, we have an ideal solution in the form of Digital Exeter which is a fantastic for meeting up and talking shop.

Search for something local to you via EventBrite or Meetup.

Thoughts or opinions?

How do you stay motivated? Add your comments or tweet us @unwrittenteam

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