As you may have gathered by the name we’re Unwritten Digital and according to protocol the first blog post is always to celebrate it’s launch. Party horns at the ready!

We’re a bunch digital marketers working for Optix Solutions, a digital marketing and web design agency based down here in Exeter, Devon. There are 5 of us, each with strong opinions and stronger expertise in different fields of digital marketing. For the full low down we even put together an about us page.

From here we’ll be making regular updates each covering different aspects of digital. But we’re less about the regurgitated rubbish you see on every other blog and more about offering expert opinions that’s come about from years of real world experience.

To start things off and to introduce you to what we have to offer then Thomas Haynes, PPC expert, has provided a damn useful insight on behavioural economics on Ad Copy. From there though it’s up to you.


Want to Help?

We want feedback on this website and lots of it. From style and layout, to the choice of topics we’re covering. We’re so keen to hear from you it almost sounds needy. So, whether you love or loathe Unwritten Digital contact us and we’ll take on board what you say.




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