Firstly let’s address that title up there. As someone who works in Digital Marketing with a big focus on Search it’s quite a risky thing for me to say. Even more so when you consider that I work for an Agency which also builds websites. If you don’t hear from me for a while I’m probably looking for a new job.

What I really want to say is stop only sending people to your website. There’s a good case study below which explains this in practice, skip to How it Works if you’re a step ahead of me.

The online ecosystem has evolved and so has user behavior – if you’re putting all your marketing efforts into driving people to your website you probably need to rethink your strategy. Even a great site will have a bounce rate and a conversion rate – even if these are low and high respectively you’re still pushing people towards something which has holes in it.

Plenty of people market beyond their site (there aren’t many companies who don’t have at least one social profile) but some still focus on pushing people to their site with most of their off-site content. There’s no point having great content on your site and just using other channels to badger people into clicking on a link to go and see that content.

The Secret

The secret (not really a secret) is to create great content and put it right in front of your audience. As an example here is where I will tend to put content:

  • Slideshare
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter (admittedly mostly links)
  • This site
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

This is where I don’t tend to put content:

  • The optix website

How it Works

Here is a real world example. We were on the lookout for people to join our Digital Marketing team, either full time or for some work experience. Rather than put a page of vacancies up on our site I created a slideshow explaining How to get a Job at a Digital Marketing Agency. I also posted this on LinkedIn and tweeted about it.

I’m currently sat on a desk with Simon, a full time Digital Marketing Account Manager and Chris, a very savvy graduate who is doing some work experience with us. Both of them got in contact with me after seeing this content.


Something I think this content did, which a web page might not have, is filter out the rubbish candidates. By posting 8 tips for people looking for a job I made it pretty easy to see who was paying attention and who was willing to go to the effort of doing things properly rather than just sending their CV to a generic email address.


To get the best result you need to create great content which will resonate with your audience and get it in front of them wherever they are. Make sure you give them a way to either convert or continue to engage with you. Don’t see you website as the goal, it’s just another part of your marketing. Hope your boss doesn’t fire you if you write a post with a controversial title.

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