The majority of the world knows what Facebook is but not everybody understands the sophisticated, user-friendly adverts that are at our disposal. If you’re managing a Facebook Page or if you’re interested in social media marketing, Unwritten is here to explain what the best ads for Facebook are and why your business (or non-profit) should be using them in 2016.

Why you should use Facebook Ads

In the last five years, Facebook has gone from being an extremely popular social network, to being an integral part of any decent social media marketing strategy.

Facebook Ads success lies in the company’s comprehensive data mining and its easy-to-use interface- with just a little guidance, anyone can create a Facebook Advert. Anyone!

You might be sat reading this thinking, “my target audience doesn’t use Facebook“, but chances are you are wrong.

Ignorance is bliss. Right up until the point where you are left with an outdated, under-performing marketing campaign that fails to resonate with your target audience.

Facebook has over 30 million active users in the UK. That’s over half of the population using Facebook on a regular basis. For every post that is Liked, or comment that is made, Facebook is recording that data, and that data enables them to build better profiles of the people using their social network.

That’s a lot of people. And that’s a lot of data- that’s brand preferences, likes and even dislikes. How confident are you that your target audience isn’t using Facebook? With its relatively low fees and potential returns, can you really afford to carry on ignoring it?

The correct answer, as you have probably guessed by now, is no.

Why Marketers use Facebook

For marketers around the world, Facebook is a great place to boost website traffic, advertise your range of tailor-made holidays or get people to watch your latest awareness raising video.

Rachel Bell is the Marketing and Communications manager at South Devon charity, Rowcroft Hospice. Rowcroft has been using Facebook as part of its marketing strategy since 2009, so Rachel knows a thing or two about what works on social.

Facebook Ads have enabled us to reach the people of South Devon in a way that was unfathomable just five years ago. Last August we debuted our newest short film which tackled the misconception that hospices are dark and depressing places, and within just a few days the video received over 50,000 views. Before Facebook Ads, reaching an audience of that size, on a tight budget, would have been near-impossible.

-Rachel Bell, Marketing and Communications Manager, Rowcroft Hospice



The best ads for facebook and what they do

Facebook Ads offers a multitude of options to enable your business to reach its target audience. Whether you want people to visit your website and make a purchase, read your blog or watch your latest video – there’s an option for everyone.

These are the best ads for Facebook, the ones that have the most use, and any decent digital marketer should be using these in their social media marketing strategy.

  1. Page Post Engagements
  2. Video Views
  3. Clicks to Website

The first two options drive engagement and awareness, and the last one is about converting users i.e. getting people to sign up or purchase your product. But whatever you do, the most important thing to remember when using Facebook Ads, is that you understand what your call to action is. If you don’t understand it, what chance will your target audience have?

Neglecting social media marketing and the power of Facebook Ads in 2016 is a mistake. The future is already here, please don’t get left behind.

If you’re eager to find out more but don’t know where to begin or just need a little guidance, the @UnwrittenTeam is here to help.


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